Billmac Technologies™
About Us

'BillMac™' was founded in the year 2011 primarily to provide BillMac™ products by a software consultant who had a vast experience both in windows and dos technologies. We provide softwares to manage front offices, point-of-sale system of selling.

We provide software products for both Trading and manufacturing business segments. Trading segment includes : Retail shops,whole-sale traders, dealers, stockists and point-of-sale selling systems like super-markets, vegetable shops etc

The company promises its customers for a simple, easy and a complete user-friendly product at a low cost that the buyer can afford for it, which is made possible because of its research oriented development system and the “compartmental modular” technology.

Saying about the technology we give: the products are compiled by compartmental modules that can be attached to any edge of the module in the product or project which is why because; to upgrade it to the future upcoming technologies and help we provide a better product.

Projects: Besides our ready made products, Billmac Technologies also deals with customized software projects, to suit to the customers requirements. We also customize the ready made products .

Products are available for the following shop categories :

Vegetable shops | Consumer goods | Super markets | Restaurants | Hotels/Lodges | Hospitals